The Children Are Free (To Be A Gay Christian!)

When I was coming to terms with my how my Christian faith worked with my sexuality I stumbled across a book called ‘The Children are Free’ by Jeff Miner & John Connoley. I’ve never been much of a book worm but I enjoyed this book and their arguments made a lot of sense. The book examines the so-called clobber passages, that is the passages in the Bible that are often used to condemn LGBT people. It remains respectful to the Bible but looks at the context of each passage. Importantly, the book also examines evidence in the Bible of God’s love for LGBT people. I definitely recommend this book if you feel that would help you, the article here is short review of the book and an interview with the authors.

Someone once said to me that if I’ve read the Old Testament and only seen judgement, I haven’t read it properly. That person was right, although I believe I may have pushed back at the time. The Bible is a book that testifies of God’s love for us. If people try to tell you that God hates LGBT people based on this passage or that passage, they haven’t read the Bible properly.


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