God’s Grace Is Sufficient…Even For LGBT Christians!

People who are LGBT often feel guilty about it and question how it’s compatible with their faith. I spent many years doing that myself. One day I realised that this doesn’t make any sense. Feeling guilt or shame about being how God made us is crazy. I have no control over being gay and I am yet to find a single person who says that they did choose to be this way. I have long argued that I don’t believe that being gay or trans is a sin but even if it is the Bible is clear that¬†God’s grace is sufficient for us. The whole point of the Christian faith and the gospel is that God, through his son Jesus, forgives. That doesn’t mean we do what we like but it does mean that if being gay was a sin, and as I can’t not be gay, I shouldn’t tear myself up with guilt or shame about it. But I don’t believe that a loving god would make me gay, or at least let me have no choice over it, give me a basic desire for companionship (to the point of being miserable if alone) and then say it’s wrong. That is not the God I recognise.

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