God Literally Created Us – LGBT & All!

I have recently had a few unpleasant comments on our Instagram page that had to be deleted and one really struck me. It was someone who said that there is no place in God’s Kingdom for the LGBT community. It struck me because it’s hateful and very wrong, but something that I’ve heard many times before. I blocked the individual and deleted the comment, as you might expect.

The truth is that God literally made us. Those of us who have experienced growing up LGBT know with absolute certainty that we cannot help being the way we are. We know that this is how we were born and that it is fixed, like being CIS or straight. As this beautiful Psalm says, God knit us together. He didn’t mess up, he didn’t make a mistake, he chose to knit us together this way and it is perfect.

Being LGBT isn’t something we feel rebellious so go and do, we don’t get tempted or seduced into it (but are otherwise straight). Most of us fought against it for many years. Some of us potentially still are.

I often think of the Lords Prayer that makes the point that we have sinned “through negligence, through weakness and through our own deliberate fault”. Well being LGBT is neither of those things. We aren’t negligent – we are born this way. We aren’t weak – it’s just how we are (like eye colour or left/right hand dominance) and it isn’t through our own deliberate fault as we have no choice in the matter.

Of course as I always say, I may be wrong. If I am God will forgive. But I can say with 100% certainty that there absolutely is a place for us in God’s Kingdom. All we have to do is decide to take it.

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